Monday, May 31, 2010

Kelly Squared

Happy Memorial Day!!!
This weekend my bestie Kelly, her fiance Eric, and her 2 girls Kinnah and Kailee came to visit! Our main goal this weekend was to make the Save-The-Dates for Kelly and Eric's Wedding!  Our secondary goal was to have fun and enjoy each other's company!  We met both goals with flying colors!
Here are a few pics from the weekend.
 We put Eric to work!!!
In the meantime, Kinnah was teaching Bobby a few things about Wii MarioKart...

Kelly and I stamping, cutting, sticking...

Charlie and Lola were supervising.

The Save-The-Dates came out better than we thought they would! :)

Later that night we decided to do some tie-dying!

Kailee and her shirt, ready for dye!

The finished products!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Dublins!

Last weekend Bobby and I celebrated our friends Nick and Heidi Dublin and their "Baby-Girl-on-the-Way," Dylan!  We are so excited for Nick and Heidi and can't wait to meet Lil' Miss Dylan Dublin (Don't you just lOvE that name!?!?!)  Here are a few pics from the party! (Please excuse my poor picture taking skills... I'm still figuring out the camera...)
The 4 Girls ;)

 Mommy and Daddy + Lots of Fun Presents :)

Bobby and Fritz checking out the Loot.

A "Mommy" Present!

To: Daddy From: Dylan
"Mommy and I agree: Daddy's charming"

Thanks for Reading!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So the last couple of weekends, we have been able to reunite with a couple very special groups. On April 30th, Kell and I traveled up to Alabama to attend the JSU Baseball Alumni Golf weekend.  We stayed Friday night with an old college buddy/teammate, CR Palmer and his family in Villa Rica, GA.  We went to Taco Mac in Douglasville for dinner, then back to their house, with a stop to pick up their little ones from his parent's house (stay tuned because you may see that house on Cribs someday. Amazing).  CR and Lindsey have a two year old boy named Chase Reed and a baby girl named Lilly Kate, both are spectacularly cute.

Saturday morning, after CR's homemade pancakes with sprinkles, he and I headed to Anniston, AL where the golf tournament was held at the Anniston Country Club.  Scott Smith and Jase Kreitner, both former JSU teammates of ours arrived soon after we did and they completed our foursome.  We met Coach Case outside and talked with him a bit about our old days at JSU and his current team and players.  It was great seeing him.  We also later met up with Clark Jinks and Richard Turner who also were teammates of ours during our days at JSU.

On the course, CR accounted for the majority of our tee shots and Scott the majority of our putts (many of which were clutch par saves or birdie putts).  Jase and I mixed in a few shots here and there, and we ended up shooting a 10 under 60.  Not too shabby, but we didn't figure it was a winning score.  We were right. We ended up finishing 3rd. Immediately after our round, Kell and Lindsey arrived with Lilly Kate after a day of shopping in Douglasville.  We talked a little outside while Coach Case got his baby fix with Lilly Kate. We then headed upstairs for a nice dinner of prime rib and a side of stories of the ol' days at JSU.  It was great seeing all the guys and we expect to be involved in some type of annual alumni gathering.  We hope that more of our former teammates will be able to make it next time.  We also really enjoyed the time we spent with the Palmers and look forward to having them visit Gainesville or heading back up to see them sometime down the road.

From Left to Right:
Coach Case, Clark Jinks, Jase Kreitner, Richard Turner, myself, CR Palmer, Scott Smith, Coach G

This past weekend, we traveled to Lake Mary, FL to attend a graduation/welcome home party for my cousin Ryan Hamic and his wife Mykesha.  They both are in the Air Force and are stationed in Germany, so it is not often that they make it back to the states.  It was funny because it was actually a semi-surprise party as Ryan was not aware that our side of the family would be making it to the party.  Kell and I arrived around 4:15 and it looked like my sister Melissa had just arrived with Abby and Tristin.  They were just getting out of the car when Melissa mentioned that she thought we may have been the first from our family to arrive.  Because of the intended surprise, we decided to wait outside by our car until more of our family arrived.  Before we knew it Ryan's dad had arrived from the commencement ceremony, and we thought Ryan may have been with him, so we hid behind our Suburban.  It turned out Ryan wasn't with him, and it was pretty hot outside, so we piled in the car and cranked the A/C. Not a few minutes later, Ryan and Mykesha drove right past our car, but didn't seem to recognize the car or the fact that we were inside.  Just behind them came the Jones' and the Lindley's.  We walked over to meet them and headed in to the house.  Ryan and Mykesha were still in the foyer talking with family.  Ryan looked shocked to see us all, but he was definitely excited that we could make it.  We had a great time talking with everyone, meeting some of his family from Roger's side, and enjoying some great food.

The cousins and their spouses (except Juan who could not make it due to the opening of his play)

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