Friday, June 17, 2011

A Big Announcement

I know I'm really behind on posting these pics... to be honest I kinda forgot about them! But I have to share how we announced our pregnancy to our families! I had been reading up on creative ways to spill the beans but none of the ideas really impressed me until I came across this idea! Get all the people you want to tell the big news to together for a picture.  Then have the person who is behind the camera say, "Alright, everyone say _______'s pregnant!" So that is what we decided to do.
The perfect opportunity to tell both families was Easter weekend. So we got together with some of my family on Saturday and broke the news... Here's how the pictures turned out.

They're a little blurry from the movement, but still funny :)
 That's me giving Bobby a thumbs up!

Another exciting event that evening was my AwEsOmE cousin Johnny's graduation! We were all so proud of him! Here are a few pics...
 Proud Mom and Dad with the Graduate!

Mini Graduation Cap!

The Cake

The next day we headed to see the Wynns side of the fam. We decided it would be good to use the sport mode of the camera because it takes multiple pictures in a row. So here's how those pics turned out...

I added a few arrows to point out some reactions!

So that's how we spread the word of our exciting news! As you can see, I was jumping for joy!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Katy Jo's Senior Recital

Hello again!
Last weekend we were in Quincy again to see Katy Jo perform in her final dance recital. She has been dancing since she was 2 years old!
Katy Jo was in several numbers and even danced her Senior Solo. I wasn't able to get the GREAT pics I got at The Nutcracker in December. So I apologize in advance for the graininess of the photos. Also, I haven't figured out how to get Smilebox to accomodate both landscape and portrait pics so KJ's bottom half is cut off in many of the pics! Anyhoo, I promise the pics are great despite my disclaimers :) Enjoy!

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Here are some of my favorites again... just so you can see the whole pic, all the way down to the shoes :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Baby Girl is Growing Up!

I apologize but my posting is starting to get a little behind! I hope to catch back up once summer begins! Anyway...
Memorial Day weekend we headed to Quincy to see my (once) Baby Girl, Katy Jo, graduate from High School! I can't believe she will be headed, our way, to UF in just a few months! How time flies! Anyway, here are some pictures of the weekend!

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