Sunday, October 31, 2010

Camp Out

Last weekend, during Florida's bye week (respite from 3 game losing streak), Kell and I headed down to Theresa's for some good ole fashioned fun, tent campin' style.

Kell had never been camping without an rv/camper involved, so we were looking forward to the experience.   Once we arrived, Theresa and Johnny had both already set up their tents and the campsite for the most part.  Johnny, having recent experience setting his tent up, provided a helping hand, as this was only the second time I had pitched our tent (a wedding gift from the Buchholz baseball team parents).

That giant tent in the background is Theresa's. It could easily sleep the Gator's starting defense.  Take a look at Kelly inside.

As compared to our cozy space with a titanic air mattress, courtesy of Theresa.

After setting up, and a couple games of croquet, we gathered around a well prepared camp fire, and talked, roasted s'mores, cooked hot dogs/brats and played one of our new favorite games (movie mash up). Movie mash up involves a description of a 'made up movie' which the players use to determine the title that is derived from two actual movie titles that share a word or portion of a word.  We learned of the game by watching Cougar Town.  Here is one that was from the show that gives you an idea of how to play:

A killer whale gives out Golden Tickets to see who gets his candy company.

Take a minute to think about this one.  The answer is at the bottom of this post. =)

We really had a great time and are looking forward to the next opportunity. And for those that are interested, Kelly did make it until 6:30 AM, before yielding to the warmth and comfort of Theresa's spare bedroom.

Answer to movie mashup:  Free Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

Last weekend my Best Friend, Kelly, Tied the Knot! It was a Beautiful wedding and a lot of fun too! The wedding weekend began Friday morning when we met up for Mani/ Pedi's.  Then we met for the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner. Saturday morning we got together for make up and hair then headed back to Dade City for getting dressed and some photos.  Here are pics following all of the wedding festivities!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gamecocks & Gators

Hey Friends!
Last weekend we drove to Alabama. The trip was Super Exciting and Super Sad... Here's the story:
For as long as I've known Bobby, I've wished I had known him during his college years.  For no other reason other than I would have l-o-v-e-LOVED to see him pitch and sit in the stands cheering for the 2-9! Well, of course this was basically just a dream until he received an invite to the JSU Alumni Baseball Game! Although it had been a while since he'd thrown, I didn't care! :)  We had already been planning on heading to Alabama for the UF/ Bama game, so it worked out perfectly! 
We stayed in Birmingham with one of Bobby's college buddies, Jase and his wife, Lindsey.  So we drove to Jacksonville Saturday morning for some Baseball!  Here are some pics from it.

Heading in to the field...

Bobby and Coach Case

Coach cleared the locker room for me to be able to come in and check out Bobby's photo.
The team was selling shirts, hats and old jerseys! I found the jersey that Bobby is wearing in this picture and bought it! YAY!

Batting Practice

He hit one outta the park!

Ready for the game!

The Alumni

Exactly what I've been waiting for :)

Bobby took a tumble trying to make a play and ended up with a swollen leg and a bag of ice on it...

After the ball game we headed back to Birmingham to change from our Gamecock Red to our Gator Orange and Blue.  This is pretty much the last happy picture we took in Tuscaloosa...
The good news is we really enjoyed hanging with Jase and Lindsey! Can't wait to see them again very soon!

Thanks for reading... Hopefully the Gators will give something to cheer about this weekend!
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