Monday, February 28, 2011

Meow Monday

Hello Friends!
Today when I came home my kitties were in prime cuteness! I had to go grab my camera and try to capture the moment! I got some good pics of my cuties so I have decided to take a cue from a blog I subscribe to called Plain Chicken and do a Meow Monday! Hope you get a smile from these pics of my cutie kitties...

Lola Girl

 (She's starting to get a little curious about the camera and wants to get a sniff!)

Charlie Boy

 (Cutest kitty feet I've ever seen!)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentines and other cards!

Hello again!
Now that all of the Valentines I sent out have been received, I thought I'd share the easy and cute card idea! I found this idea in my February issue of Scrapbooks Etc. I loved making these cards. They were so easy that I ended up making the envelope that went with it (which is usually a lot more work!). Here  is a pic of the Valentines.
Like I mentioned in the post about the Valentine Mantel, I have been loving gray, black and pink this Valentine's Day! So I stuck with the same color theme for my Valentines!

I had a few extra blank cards and Katy Jo just got accepted to UF (yAaAaAayYyYy!!!!!!) so I made her the same card just in different colors!

Anyway, thanks for looking! Enjoy these cutie and super easy cards!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Root, root, root for the Gators!

Happy Presidents' Day!
This weekend was the opening series for Gator Baseball! This year we almost bought season tickets but by the time Bobby called to find out what seats were available, all the good seats were gone. So we decided we'd just pay general admission and try to be more on the ball next year.  However, one of our friend's parents have season tickets and offered them to us for Saturday's game. We were so excited and grateful for being able to use their tickets. But when we got to the game and realized the seats were in the second row on the first base line we were thrilled!!! Here are some pics from the game...

Gators sporting vintage-style uniforms.

A girl in front of us was showing her spirit with her shoes!

Ryan came over and sat with us for a little while.

We ran into Albert on our way back from getting some snacks!

Post-game line up.

The final score!

Thanks for reading! Go Gators!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentines Day Date

So, over New Years, our friend Lindsey mentioned to Kelly about a place in Birmingham that she's been to called Sips and Strokes, where you go to learn how to paint a specific piece, with instruction and you can bring your own booze. Kell was very envious and wished that Gainesville had a Sips and Strokes. Well, on our way home she just happened to notice an ad in the Giggle Magazine for a local company called Corks and Colors, and was ecstatic. So, she has been eager to go ever since.

Well, for Valentines Day, we thought that it would be a cool idea to attend the couples night at Corks and Colors, to paint "Funky Tree."

The Template

Kell's unCorked sangria and blank canvas

Initially, Kell and I thought that we would each do our own rendition of "Funky Tree", but when the instructor suggested that couples could also combine their pictures into a two canvas piece, we jumped on the idea.
Our initial outline of the design, side by side

Can you tell which side is Kell's and which side is mine yet? Below is your first clue...

Kell's half, the trunk

My half, the tree limbs

Getting closer....

Here are a few views of some other renditions in the class as the other patrons paint away.


And our finished product...

We had a great time and are looking forward to the next opportunity.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Monday!
Did you enjoy the Super Bowl last night? We had fun watching the game--and the commercials--with friends! We were invited to our friends Fritz and Heidi's house to watch the game. Fritz is from Wisconsin so we decided to cheer for the Packers to help him out!  Here are some pics I took from the evening.

The Happy Packers!

Cutie Pin I made for Heidi!

Green Bay Eats!

Filling in the score grid

Guess who won the 3rd quarter!?!?!

We won again! Bobby receiving his Final Score Winnings!

The Grid!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Mantel

It's almost Valentine's Day! I've seen a lot of Valentine's decorations and gifts using pink, black and gray.  I really like that combination so I decided to use those colors on our mantel this year!
I love the yarn pom pom garland I made! It adds just a little more color and another texture to the mantel.  Click here for the instructions to make your own yarn pom poms!

Yarn Pom Poms How-To

Hey! Happy February!
Over the last few days I've been working on our Valentine's Day Mantel.  I got it pretty much finished but wasn't totally happy with it... So I took a few days to just look at it and think.  So I decided I wanted to add a garland or something to that effect.  I decided to make some yarn pom poms.  I've been loving pink, black and gray for Valentine's Day so those are the colors I went with.  Adding the Yarn Pom Poms to our mantel did the trick! Our mantel looks very cute! I wanted to share the steps for making pom poms in case you want to try it too!

You'll need yarn, cardboard and scissors.
1. Cut cardboard into a rectangular shape about 2-4 inches wide and about 3-4 inches long.  (You could do it bigger or smaller depending on the size pom pom you want.) Cut about a 12 inch long piece of yarn and put to the side.
2. Begin wrapping yarn around the cardboard. I did about 3 layers of yarn to make them very thick. 

3. Bend cardboard and carefully slide it out of the yarn loops, keeping it in shape. Center 12 inch piece of yarn across the middle of the yarn loops. Tie the yarn around as tightly as possible.

4. Cut all yarn loops in half to start to form pom pom.

5. Now you're pom pom is complete. All you'll have to do now is give your pom pom a hair cut! Trim the edges to make it even!

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