Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dylan Maci Dublin

She's here!!! Little Miss Dylan arrived very early yesterday morning.  Mommy, Daddy and baby are all doing well!  I went to visit with our friend, Heidi, who's birthday was also yesterday! What a great birthday present right!?! Here's a few pics from yesterday:

The birthday girls! Check out Dylan's dark hair!

Daddy and Dylan

Dylan deep in thought...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Glass Blob Magnets!

Happy Friday!
Guess what I just made?  Glass Blob Magnets! And they were SOOoooo easy!  I've always wanted to make them.  I've seen them at craft shows and in magazines and books, but I've never made them myself until now!  And I'm going to show you how to make them too!!!
Ok. First you need these materials:  
Glass blobs: small, large, both, whatever!
Scraps of paper (you could even use pictures!)
Hot glue gun

Next, find the best area of the paper (or picture) to glue your blob. Then, squeeze hot glue onto the flat side of the glass blob.  Then place the blob onto the paper and press down.  The glue should spread out and any bubbles in the glue will go away.  Do this quickly, hot glue dries fast!

After your blobs and paper and set. Trim of the excess paper and hot glue magnets to the paper!

Now, you have adorable magnets!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Ones...

Hello again!
Yesterday I rode down to Dade City with my Aunt Shari and Katy Jo to do a little visiting!  My Aunt Tracy and little cousin Sarah are heading back to India soon so we wanted one more chance to see them!  We also got to go and see our newest editions to the family, Eli and Owen, and their Mommy and Grandma (my cousin Miranda and Aunt Julie!)  It was a great day of just hanging out!  
So remember that little tutu I made for Sarah for her birthday?  The one she didn't really want anything to do withWell guess what!?!? She changed her mind and now she lOvEs it :)  Here are a few pics of our little fairy prancing around!

Her favorite toy at my mom's house!  Yarn!
After Sarah had had enough yarn, we headed over to see Eli and Owen!  Those babies are so cute and so little!  Here are a few pics of the little angels!

Eli's fish impression and Owen wide awake!

My new name is Auntie Cousin Kelly! I love it!!!

Special blankies from Great Grandma Marge!

Great Aunts and a very special little hand :)

 It was so great to spend a day relaxing and visiting with family!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Go Cubbies!

Thursday night we got to see the Cubbies play at Wrigley Field!  What a cool stadium! I heard that it is the 2nd oldest stadium (after Fenway).  The score board is still the vintage kind! 

The coolest part, in my opinion, was the RoofTop seats.  The buildings around the outfield built bleachers on the roofs. Here's a pic...

Pretty cool huh!?!  While we were on our tour earlier that day, we heard that Vince Vaughn is currently filming a movie in Chicago, so we were thinking that he would sing "Take me out to the Ballgame."  Instead it was Julianne Hough!  Here's a pic of her...

Notice Harry Caray above her!  Anyway, we had a blast at the game and felt like we might have been lucky charms for the Cubbies because they won and even hit a few outta the park!  
We had a lot of fun in Chi-Town and had a great time visiting with our friends, Matt and Stefanie! 

Thanks for reading about our trip to Chicago!!!

Double Decker Bus Tour

Thursday morning we got up early to get on the big red bus.  On our way we walked by the bean again and took this awesome pic! The
Anyway, here are a few pics from our tour.  The highlight of the day for me was seeing Harpo and shopping in The Oprah Store!

A Different View...

On Wednesday we found the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  They have the coolest model of the city and here are a few pics of it!

 Bobby and the City

The Bustling Michigan Ave.

The Sears Tower

Home of "Da Bears"

The Bean

After visiting the Mini-City we headed back down to Navy Pier to ride the Ferris Wheel.  We decided to relax our feet and take a Water-Taxi.  On the way to the boat we stopped and took a pic in front of the Chicago River!  The Ferris Wheel was super cool. But the craziest thing about it was that as HUGE as it is, the original Navy Pier Ferris Wheel was 100 ft taller and each cart held 60 people! WOW!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday, Bobby had a long day of work so I headed out for a walk down The Magnificent Mile!

I hit a few shops and hoped for an Oprah sighting but didn't spot her... Oh well.  Today we are going to try to go on a bus tour, hopefully we'll see something Oprah related :)

Anyway, for lunch we headed down to the famous Giordano's for some stuffed pizza!  Now I know why everyone told us we have to go there!  It was delicious!!!

We ordered half cheese, half pepperoni!  

Look at all that cheese!!! The pepperoni is under the cheese.

If you're ever in Chicago, you have to eat at Giordano's!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Navy Pier and Boat Tour

Greetings from the Windy City!
Yesterday we checked-in to our hotel and then took a walk down to the Navy Pier!  After walking around we took a Boat Tour.  Here are some pics from our day!

This was my favorite photo of the day!
Thanks for looking!!!

The Loop

After seeing Wrigley and eating lunch we decided to take the El down to Millennium Park to the Great Performers of Illinois event.  So on our ride down Bobby noticed a lot of commotion on the streets and said to me, "Woah, there's a HUGE accident..."  but as we continued to ride, we noticed that the "accident" was several blocks long and people were gathering and taking pictures of it!  After getting off the train, we decided not to go to Millennium Park, but to head toward the commotion. We saw signs on the street posts, that referred to it being a movie set. As it turns out, they were filming Transformers 3!  Here are a few pics we got of the action!

After Bobby realized he wasn't going to meet Optimus Prime ;)  we decided to head over to Millennium Park.  It was very busy and we only had a little time left but at least we got to see "the bean," 
Some Chainsaw-carved sculptures,
 and some very detailed side-walk chalk art!!!
What a day!!! 
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