Monday, February 15, 2010

Handy Dandy Matchbook Notepad

So, as you might know I am very into creating different paper crafts, especially cards.  Recently, I have been interested in making a Matchbook Notepad.  I have seen these on etsy and in stores and have thought, "I could make that!" Finally, I have been inspired by an idea from a friend to sit down and make one!

I am very excited to share my first tutorial on my Handy Dandy Matchbook Notepad (and matching pen too!)

You will need: 
3 in. x 12 in. scrapbook paper of your choice (double-sided paper is best!)
Adhesive of some sort (I used glue stick and double-sided tape)
Embellishment of your choice
Bone folder

 1. Line up your paper with the end of your scratch pad.  Use the pad as a guide for where you will create your first fold.  Then fold your pad along the crease you made and create another fold.  Continue until you have folded the paper around the pad. *There should be a small section at the end that overlaps the front flap of your pad.

2. Apply adhesive to cardboard backing of pad. Stick paper to adhesive. Let dry for a few minutes.

3. In the mean time, you can start on your matching pen :)  Remove bottom cap and ink from pen.  Use a scrap that matches the paper you are using for your pad.
Measure the clear length of the pen and cut paper to that size.  It shouldalso be about 1in. wide.  Roll the paper scrap and put it into the pen.  Replace ink and bottom cap! You're done!

4.  Now, back to the pad.  Fold your pad up matchbook-style.  Place embellishment over part of the bottom and the top flaps to decide where you want it.  (*Note, I used a sticker on my first go 'round which ended up being too light weight. You will want to choose something heavier like a button or chipboard shape.)  Apply adhesive to top part of embellishment (Notice, I covered the sticker's adhesive on the bottom half.) Stick the embellishment to the top/long cover of the pad.

5. Tuck bottom/small flap under the non-sticky side of the embellishment and you have a Cutie Patootie,  Handy Dandy Matchbook Notepad (and matching pen too!)

*To add a little special touch, randomly stamp cute designs on pages of the notepad.
*If you want to have an even more securely closed notepad you could attach a mini-magnet to the flaps!
*Wrap and give as a gift or just keep for yourself! Whatever you decide...Enjoy!!!

If you make one you're particularly proud of...Share! I'd LOVE to see it!!!

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