Friday, June 25, 2010

A Day in the Life of...

This summer Bobby is putting on his Traveling Shoes!  And the best part is, I get to tag along!
First let's start at the beginning.  Often, people ask, "So what does Bobby do?" and it always makes me think of Chandler from FRIENDS (favorite show of all time!!!).  Everyday he went to work, but when the other Friends tried to say what exactly he did for a living...none of them really knew...
So anyhoo, Bobby is the Assistant Sales Manager at Gleim Publications.  He sells review and study materials for people that are working on becoming certified accountants.  He spends his days working in the office, selling internationally and training new employees.
Now, back to his traveling shoes... 
In the last few years Bobby has traveled to Chicago, Boston, Amsterdam, Arizona and Las Vegas for accounting and tax forums.  The summer after we got married I got to travel to San Fransisco with him! Typically, he only goes on 1 or 2 trips per year.  However, this year he has already been on 3 trips.  Most recently he went to Atlanta, and again, I got to go too!!! YAY! We will also be traveling to Chicago (So EXCITED for that trip!) and Orlando. Here are a few pics of Bobby on the job.
Bobby (or Robert, as they call him at Gleim) and Rob "working" the room.

 Standing out in Gleim Red!

Playing around when I asked them to show me the scanner they use.

A job well DONE!

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