Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boy or Girl?

So, just to have a little fun we've tried all kinds of different methods to predict if we're gonna see a little boy or a little girl on that sonogram screen on Monday! The first thing we did was check out the Chinese Gender Chart...
According to this ancient legend we're having a BOY!

We've also put out a poll on our blog to see what our friends and family are feeling... Although we've only got 18 votes, the results are GIRL by a lot!

This predictor was a little more "in the middle." I found this "Old Wives Tales" test online and it says we are having a GIRL!
Our last predictor is a tradition in my family. Whenever someone is pregnant in our family my Uncle Johnny does the Nail-on-a-String Pendulum. Hold the nail over the belly. If the nail swings in a circle-- it's a girl. if it sways back and forth-- it's a boy. His record is pretty impressive-- correct 18 out of 20 tests!
So we had him perform the pendulum predictor on me and our results were circle! GIRL! 
As a little side note my Uncle usually hangs the nail over the person's head to show that it will swing in the correct motion. So I did the test over Bobby, and sure enough it swayed back and forth. Funny, huh!?!

So those are the results of our silly predictor tests... We know that they could be tOtAlLy WrOnG. But luckily we'll find out the real answer tomorrow! 
Maybe a Girl, Maybe a Boy, Definitely LOVED!

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  1. My mom is my predictor. She's been right about all 6 grandchildren so far! And Matt was right about both Asa and Anna Reaghan (well, we think he's right about Anna Reaghan...). :) I can't wait to hear!


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