Monday, March 29, 2010

House of Style

So you may have read our "Not-So-Extreme Home Makeover: Front Porch Edition" post that talked about the project we were working on in front of our house.  Well if so, you would have remembered the awful color of the paint, and Kell's reference to the next project: "repaint the exterior."

The painting is done!  We added a new front door too!  We thought we would share a before and after photo, as well as some close ups of the door. Enjoy!

Our house before we moved in

The Old Front Door

New Front Door

Our House after the Not-So-Extreme Makeover: Front Porch Edition

A Vision Realized


  1. I LOVE the new house color, front door, and black shutters. :) It looks beautiful!

  2. Wow guys! It looks like a completely new house. I love it. The door is beautiful and the color is much more modern. Hard work pays off. Grfeat job!!!


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