Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not-So-Extreme Makeover: Front Porch Edition

First things, first... I finally figured out the answer to our Blog Frustrations and we think our blog is looking Super Cute!  We are willing the warm weather to come with our Springy-ness! Hope you like it!!!

Anyhoo,  Over the past two weekends we have had some pretty noisy and hectic stuff going on outside on the front porch.  Here's a little back story, when we moved into our house we knew that the outside wall of the front porch was not doing so well. Time and water had really started to wear it down.  We soon discovered that a neighbor from down the street had previously had the same problem.  So he tore down the wall!  He offered to help us do the same to ours, and we took him up on that offer!
Well enough talk... it's time for some action! Enjoy!

"Bobby! Kelly! You're house is such an awful pinkish color!" You say.
No worries... next project: repaint the exterior! YAY!

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