Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last Day in Charleston

Yesterday, on our way out of town we stopped to check out 2 more places on our list.  We drove down to baked, the bakery that has been featured on the Martha Stewart show! It is based out of NY but they have recently opened a shop in Charleston.  On the show, the owner was showing how to make the Brookie, a brownie and a cookie put together.  I really wanted a brookie, but the guy behind the counter said they will start making them later this year. :( I was bummed. 
Then he informed me that the first time they were on Martha they showed how to make the whoopie pie.  So we got the whoppie pie instead! And boy was it is good! It was so light and fluffy!  YUM!

After visiting baked, we drove down to the Charleston Tea Plantation. This plantation is owned by a man who is a Professional Tea Taster.  He has turned this land into a beautiful place to visit and learn about how tea is made.  Charleston Tea Plantation is the only tea farm in North America.  Below are a few pictures of what we saw...

Behind us is the store and factory.

One of the many fields of tea plants.  We learned that to make tea, they only harvest the leaves from the top of the plants.  It is called the "flush".  Above the sign is promoting the First Flush celebration in May.  They will continue to harvest the tea leaves until October.

The "Green Giant". This machine is one of a kind.  It was built using parts from a cotton picker and tobacco tractor.  Using this machine, it only takes 2 people to harvest the tea leaves. One person to drive the machine and one to walk in front clearing the rows.

We bought lots of tea to take home with us.  We were able to sample the Rockville Raspberry, and it was delicious and so refreshing!

Thanks for reading about out vacation!  Hope you enjoyed our stories.  If you have ever considered going to Myrtle Beach or Charleston, we say do it!!! You'll have a blast!

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