Sunday, November 14, 2010

Viva NashVegas!

Hey y'all!
Last weekend we took a little road trip to Nashville to watch the Gators actually win a game...
We won't go there.
This trip is by far my most favorite Away Game trip EVER!
Also, I just discovered a super cool website for photo editing called, so I had a little fun with some of the pics!  You can do things like; enhance colors, add clip art, add text, whiten teeth, change to 1960's photo, and much, much more! Here are my favorites from the weekend...
One thing that I had been looking forward to since we were last in Nashville!
(p.s. knife and fork are clip art) :)

Shopping Broadway...

I spotted a celeb! Danny Gokey from American Idol!

Heading out for some Friday Night Fun!!!

Of course, the boys had to wear their mustaches out...
(thanks picnik) :)

We ended up at Robert's Western World!

We had to buy T-shirts!!!
(LOVE the 1960s coloring!)

 Saturday night we did some line dancing at the Wild Horse Saloon! So FUN!!!

We all had a blast and were glad to meet up in an awesome place like Nashville!

Here are the rest of the pics from the trip! Enjoy, we sure did!!!

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  1. Glad ya'll got to see a Gator win! I'm forgetting what that feels like!


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