Monday, February 28, 2011

Meow Monday

Hello Friends!
Today when I came home my kitties were in prime cuteness! I had to go grab my camera and try to capture the moment! I got some good pics of my cuties so I have decided to take a cue from a blog I subscribe to called Plain Chicken and do a Meow Monday! Hope you get a smile from these pics of my cutie kitties...

Lola Girl

 (She's starting to get a little curious about the camera and wants to get a sniff!)

Charlie Boy

 (Cutest kitty feet I've ever seen!)


1 comment:

  1. Your kitties are so freaking cute!! Love the foot shot. Plus your mantels are adorable. If you lived here, you could do a new mantle every month for me (we have holidays left n right). Love you, girl! Say hello to Bobby. Tracy


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