Monday, February 21, 2011

Root, root, root for the Gators!

Happy Presidents' Day!
This weekend was the opening series for Gator Baseball! This year we almost bought season tickets but by the time Bobby called to find out what seats were available, all the good seats were gone. So we decided we'd just pay general admission and try to be more on the ball next year.  However, one of our friend's parents have season tickets and offered them to us for Saturday's game. We were so excited and grateful for being able to use their tickets. But when we got to the game and realized the seats were in the second row on the first base line we were thrilled!!! Here are some pics from the game...

Gators sporting vintage-style uniforms.

A girl in front of us was showing her spirit with her shoes!

Ryan came over and sat with us for a little while.

We ran into Albert on our way back from getting some snacks!

Post-game line up.

The final score!

Thanks for reading! Go Gators!

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  1. we went on sunday...we have season tickets. Call the ticket office and see if you can get a season pass for general admission...they used to have those!


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