Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yarn Pom Poms How-To

Hey! Happy February!
Over the last few days I've been working on our Valentine's Day Mantel.  I got it pretty much finished but wasn't totally happy with it... So I took a few days to just look at it and think.  So I decided I wanted to add a garland or something to that effect.  I decided to make some yarn pom poms.  I've been loving pink, black and gray for Valentine's Day so those are the colors I went with.  Adding the Yarn Pom Poms to our mantel did the trick! Our mantel looks very cute! I wanted to share the steps for making pom poms in case you want to try it too!

You'll need yarn, cardboard and scissors.
1. Cut cardboard into a rectangular shape about 2-4 inches wide and about 3-4 inches long.  (You could do it bigger or smaller depending on the size pom pom you want.) Cut about a 12 inch long piece of yarn and put to the side.
2. Begin wrapping yarn around the cardboard. I did about 3 layers of yarn to make them very thick. 

3. Bend cardboard and carefully slide it out of the yarn loops, keeping it in shape. Center 12 inch piece of yarn across the middle of the yarn loops. Tie the yarn around as tightly as possible.

4. Cut all yarn loops in half to start to form pom pom.

5. Now you're pom pom is complete. All you'll have to do now is give your pom pom a hair cut! Trim the edges to make it even!

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