Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grammy's Goodies

Here's a little tongue twister for you
 Ok, that's a little silly. But really, my Mom is very creative and she really loves to sew.

 That's me and my Mom on my wedding day!

As soon as we knew we were expecting a baby girl, she was coming up with different things we could make for the baby.  It started with Greer's bedding... I wanted something original. So my Mom made all this bedding "from scratch."

Now, she is making the greatest swaddle blankets (she calls them "Snuggles") you can imagine. Not only are they soft and snuggly, but they are in super cute patterns. The great thing is that she wants to share them with the world!
 Here's our girl snug as a bug in a rug in her "I love Grandma" Snuggle blanket!

Check back here to see her latest "Snuggles" and get one (or a bunch) for your little one!
Guess What!?! Grammy is making Nursing Pads now too!

 To order or make a request, send an email to 

We have many patterns to choose from...

For twins Piper and Aubrey! 
(Personalization of Snuggles is available)

 Nursing Pad Patterns

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