Sunday, January 8, 2012

(New) Normal

It's the first non-holiday weekend of the year and I'm starting to feel like we are getting back to normal. Well a new normal. Bobby is golfing = Normal, Baby Greer is sleeping = New Normal. It's funny to think that now there are 3 people that live in our home!
So now that I have a little time to myself, I thought I'd try to *quickly* catch up on the blog!
The last event I blogged about was Thanksgiving and our upcoming C-section. So I guess that's where I'll start!
 We spent the last few days after Thanksgiving getting ready for our trip to the hospital. Then Tuesday morning, 11-29-11, came and we were all buzzing with excitement. Our bags were packed and we were on our way!

Me, Bobby and my Mom got to the hospital to check in at 8. Shortly after, Bobby's parents and my Aunt Shari and cousin Katy Jo came to the hospital too. Once we got to our room, the nurse started prepping us for surgery, everything seemed fine until they went to put in my IV. That's when the tears started... it hurt so badly, I just couldn't hold it in. Unfortunately, the tears did not stop until much, much later. In fact, I think I cried for about 3 or 4 hours straight. Oh dear. : /
Anyhoo, maybe we can speed through the next few parts since it's all pretty much just me blubbering... blubbering... blubbering...
...and then at 10:47 am, our little girl was here!!! 
(Still crying but a different kind of tears now)
After all of the procedures in the nursery, Greer and our whole family were back in our room and everything started getting back to normal again... well a new normal, that is!

What a journey the last 10 months has been... 
...and what a journey we are beginning now!

Welcome Greer Paisley!


  1. Hi Kelly, if you follow the link to my blog, you can then steal the 'turned' photo of little Greer.
    Kind regards


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