Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Power of Pinterest!

Hello readers! Recently I wrote about my pregnancy and shared a collage of pics Bobby and I took of my growing belly. I am pretty impressed by how the collage turned out, seeing that it was just something we did in the guest bedroom of our house. I edited it myself using picnik.com.
Well yesterday, I decided to pin my collage to share with the Pinterest world... Feeling a little self-conscience of pinning pictures of myself, I asked my Mom, Aunt Shari and cousin Katy Jo for support by liking it, repinning it or commenting on it. So they did.

 Here's my pin on the "Explore" page of Pinterest! Cool!

But little did I know that in the next day that collage would be repinned over 1000 times! And this little blog that had a whopping 11 views on Sunday has had close to 10,000 in less than 36 hours! The power of Pinterest is pretty amazing! So to all my viewers new and old... Thanks for looking and I hope to entertain you and interest you with "The Details" of our lives!


  1. LOL, I'm visiting your blog because of said collage and your blog is very cute! Congrats on your new daughter!


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