Thursday, February 9, 2012

Onesie Fashion Show

For one of my Baby Showers, each guest received a onesie with the invitation and was asked to design it for a Onesie Decorating Contest at the shower! Greer looks so cute in all of them! Here she is posing for the camera in all of her One-of-a-Kind Onesies!

 "Rock and Stroll" Onesie from Aunt Marilyn

Special Delivery Onesie from cousin Jennifer

Orange and Blue "G" Onesie from Miss Lisa

Tie Dye Onesie from cousin Kesha

"Newest Gator Fan" Onesie from Miss Elaine

Crocheted Flower Onesie from G.G.

 Flowers Onesie from Mimi

Pink Bows Onesie from Kelly
(I'm such a big girl, I can sit up by myself!)

Check back later! There are more onesies to wear when I get bigger!

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