Monday, February 27, 2012

The Reading Tree

A long, long time ago I pinned this awesome book shelf that I wanted for our baby's room... I knew it would be perfect for our Whimsical Forest theme.

About 3 years ago my aWeSoMe Uncle Larry (and his team of workers) came and built this b.e.a.u.tiful deck for Bobby and I in our backyard! So, I thought, instead of buying the bookshelf from the website, I would ask my favorite wood worker if he could build one like it.

Well he did it! I know it took a lot of time and planning and working and help from that team. We are so thankful for all of it! Because now Greer has the cOoLeSt bookshelf in town!!! Here are some pics of how it turned out...
 After the tree was in, I added a few little touches to really bring it "to life."

Some leaves and what I consider Magnolia Blooms!

My friend Heidi painted 2 cutie little bird houses for Greer's room. We decided that we should hang one of them from the tree!

When the bookshelf was just about done, Uncle Larry had a great idea to make it even more fun and whimsical for Little Miss Greer! Isn't that door just so magical!?!?!

You might've noticed, next to the bookshelf pin was another pin about making a pom pom bouquet for my little girl's room... Well here it is. The pom poms are from my family baby shower!

Wow! Thank You Uncle Larry!!! We love you!!!


  1. Gah! So jealous. :) I saw that bookshelf online somewhere about a year and a half ago when we first moved here. I LOVE how yours turned out and the little door AND that you have Knuffle Bunny prominently displayed. :)

  2. Kelly, it turned out so great! I want one! Greer's got the coolest room around! :)


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