Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day... I was afraid it would be a pretty boring one. With a new baby, I feel like I run out of time for things like buying gifts or planning a special dinner. And Bobby doesn't exactly have time for that stuff either. However, we seemed to come up with a pretty fun little evening. Here are some pics we were able to snap!
With some brownie mix I had in the cupboard, I made Bobby a little Valentine treat!
Also, I was able to create that cute little card during one of Greer's naps! (Go Mommy! )

Got a Family Shot using the timer button on the camera! YAY!
(Btw, check out our girl's cutie Converse sneakers! Too stinkin' cute, right?)

My Hubby got me some flowers and a sparkly treat!
My first pair of diamond studs... oohhhh, aaaahhhh!

We ordered out from Outback and I enjoyed some yummy Muscadine wine from our Anniversary trip 2 years ago. Twisted Sisters Sweet Carolina Girl. I mean that stuff is

Our little "boring" Valentine's Day turned out pretty special! We hope you had a special Valentine's Day too! Thanks for reading!

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