Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Faves

So I didn't take a bunch of photos during all of our holiday festivities but I did take a few of my favorite moments!  Check 'em out :)

I had been wanting to make Whoopie Pies ever since we tried one in Charleston. So I found this mix at Target, and my mom bought me a Whoopie Pie Pan at Williams-Sonoma! They were sooo scrumptous!

Our Charlie Boy letting us know that he's a present too!

Bobby and his girl!

My Mom sent me this little Christmas Evergreen through ProFlowers. I thought it would be the perfect table centerpiece for Christmas Lunch!

 My little cousin Sarah enjoying a Reddi-Whip treat!

Sarah was so excited about the shirt I made for her she wanted to wear it right away!
 We found the most fun pop beads for our nieces! 
We started creating necklaces, bracelets and rings right away!

Abby and Tristin wanted to model their new shirts too!
So glad you like them, girls!

My cousin Nikki's little girl, Bella got a purse full of hair ties.  I think she likes them ;)

My cousin Miranda's little twins! Cutie little Eli!  And Owen with his Grandpa! So sweet!

Surprise! Katy Jo and I got the same PJs for Christmas presents! 
Great minds think alike... :)

I hope you captured some great moments during the holidays!
Thanks for looking :)


  1. there is a most fantabulous store in ocala on highway 40 that you MUST go to if you want a whoopie pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The kids are so cute, I was surprised to see Sarah in there and will show Bharat. Not surprising she was near the food!


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