Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Ones...

Hello again!
Yesterday I rode down to Dade City with my Aunt Shari and Katy Jo to do a little visiting!  My Aunt Tracy and little cousin Sarah are heading back to India soon so we wanted one more chance to see them!  We also got to go and see our newest editions to the family, Eli and Owen, and their Mommy and Grandma (my cousin Miranda and Aunt Julie!)  It was a great day of just hanging out!  
So remember that little tutu I made for Sarah for her birthday?  The one she didn't really want anything to do withWell guess what!?!? She changed her mind and now she lOvEs it :)  Here are a few pics of our little fairy prancing around!

Her favorite toy at my mom's house!  Yarn!
After Sarah had had enough yarn, we headed over to see Eli and Owen!  Those babies are so cute and so little!  Here are a few pics of the little angels!

Eli's fish impression and Owen wide awake!

My new name is Auntie Cousin Kelly! I love it!!!

Special blankies from Great Grandma Marge!

Great Aunts and a very special little hand :)

 It was so great to spend a day relaxing and visiting with family!

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