Friday, July 9, 2010


Hi! Today while packing for our trip to Chi-Town (yAy!) we found a little stowaway in Bobby's luggage... and her name is Lola!  We have found that our kitties love nothing more than to crawl around in piles of clothes and sneak into open luggage.  It is a little frustrating when they do this but it is also VERY aDoRaBle!  So here are a few pics of Lola from today.
"The Windy City...?  How dare they go without me!  
I'll just sneak in here...

Can't see me now. I'm hiding.

So you found me.

This needs ironing now.

Eyein my next move."

Anyway, thanks for reading about our little kitty girl.  Next time we'll post some pics of Charlie, just to be fair :)
Chicago here we come!

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