Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Loop

After seeing Wrigley and eating lunch we decided to take the El down to Millennium Park to the Great Performers of Illinois event.  So on our ride down Bobby noticed a lot of commotion on the streets and said to me, "Woah, there's a HUGE accident..."  but as we continued to ride, we noticed that the "accident" was several blocks long and people were gathering and taking pictures of it!  After getting off the train, we decided not to go to Millennium Park, but to head toward the commotion. We saw signs on the street posts, that referred to it being a movie set. As it turns out, they were filming Transformers 3!  Here are a few pics we got of the action!

After Bobby realized he wasn't going to meet Optimus Prime ;)  we decided to head over to Millennium Park.  It was very busy and we only had a little time left but at least we got to see "the bean," 
Some Chainsaw-carved sculptures,
 and some very detailed side-walk chalk art!!!
What a day!!! 

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