Friday, July 23, 2010

Glass Blob Magnets!

Happy Friday!
Guess what I just made?  Glass Blob Magnets! And they were SOOoooo easy!  I've always wanted to make them.  I've seen them at craft shows and in magazines and books, but I've never made them myself until now!  And I'm going to show you how to make them too!!!
Ok. First you need these materials:  
Glass blobs: small, large, both, whatever!
Scraps of paper (you could even use pictures!)
Hot glue gun

Next, find the best area of the paper (or picture) to glue your blob. Then, squeeze hot glue onto the flat side of the glass blob.  Then place the blob onto the paper and press down.  The glue should spread out and any bubbles in the glue will go away.  Do this quickly, hot glue dries fast!

After your blobs and paper and set. Trim of the excess paper and hot glue magnets to the paper!

Now, you have adorable magnets!

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